Vermont Nonprofit Navigator

Explore the organizations and people that power Vermont's $6.8 billion nonprofit economy.

By Andrea Suozzo of Seven Days

This tool was last updated in 2019. It is no longer being updated with new filings. For more info, contact:

Organizations are required to list board members, key employees and anyone making over $100,000 from this or a related organization.

By default, this table shows results from all filings. Select a year to narrow your search.

Name Year Title Compensation Other Compensation Organization
Todd Daloz 2016 Secretary $0 $0 VSC FOUNDATION INC
Bob Kennedy 2017 Board Member $0 $0 RUTLAND COUNTRY CLUB INC
Vic Shappy 2017 Board Member $0 $0 RUTLAND COUNTRY CLUB INC
William Reedy 2016 Secretary $0 $0 VSC FOUNDATION INC
Nolan Atkins 2016 Director $0 $0 VSC FOUNDATION INC
Pam Greene 2016 Trustee $0 $0 FRANKLIN HOMESTEAD INC
Edward F Precourt 2016 Director & Assistant Treasurer $0 $0 FIRST MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANT A RISK RETENTION GROUP
Regina Perrotto 2016 Member $0 $0 FAMILIES FIRST IN SOUTHERN VERMONT INC
Roma Gallagher 2015 Vice President $0 $0 CAMP NERINGA INC
Michael Sarsynski Jr Cfp 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Tammy Richards 2016 Board Secretary $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Tonia Wheeler 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
David Dunn Esq 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Daniel Normandeau 2016 Past Assistant Secretary $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Elizabeth Catlin 2016 Board Chair $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Drew Pate Md 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Michael Krupa 2016 Past Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Joseph Pyle 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Kenneth Becker 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Christopher Turley 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Joyce Judy 2016 Director $0 $0 VSC FOUNDATION INC
Adam Grinold 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT
Elizabeth Rainville 2016 Vice President-Secretary $0 $0 FRANKLIN HOMESTEAD INC
Kate O'Connor 2016 Trustee $0 $0 BRATTLEBORO RETREAT

About this tool

As of May 2018, Vermont’s 6,044 nonprofits reported $6.8 billion in revenue and $13.2 billion in assets in their latest Internal Revenue Service filings. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nearly 18 percent of the state’s workers are employed by 501c3s.

Organizations like ProPublica and Guidestar both offer excellent tools that open up public access to the information contained in IRS 990s, the financial reports nonprofits file annually. But we wanted to be able to dive a little deeper — to see, search, sort and filter the organizations and people that make up Vermont’s nonprofit ecosystem.

So we created this tool. Like dairy? Try searching for the Vermont Cheese Council. How about horses? Check out American Morgan Horse Association or Spring Hill Horse Rescue. You’ll also find the University of Vermont Medical Center, the Committee on Temporary Shelter and Middlebury College.

Then, read Give and Take, our series of stories on Vermont's nonprofit economy.

See something interesting? Want access to this data? Let us know!

About the data

To build a list of Vermont nonprofit organizations, we pulled state listings from the Internal Revenue Service.

Some Vermont nonprofits — about one-third — file digitally. That includes all of the state’s largest nonprofit organizations, like hospitals and colleges, plus many smaller ones. The IRS makes those filings available as XML files for public download, and tools like IRSx make it possible to understand what’s in those data files.

In cases where electronic filings weren’t available, we pulled in PDF versions from ProPublica’s API, so that we could get a better idea of the organizations we were missing.

In all, you’ll find more than 13,500 filings from nonprofit organizations in this database. However, there are some caveats. Not all nonprofits file annual financial reports — those with limited annual revenue, as well as ones that fall into religious, governmental or other exempt categories, are not required to file. And even when organizations file 990s, they don’t always do them right.